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*Thanks SO much Leanne! Every so often you come across someone who is a total gem and turns out to be a key to making your life better. You are one of those gems! From nutrition to naturopathy to fabulous reiki sessions, modern cupping massage and mind/body discussions you have helped me relax and lift my vibrancy and vitality no end. If friends ask me about where to go (figure of speech!) for a total health package I rave with delight about you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know you say it's all me doing the healing, but I could not do it without you. See you next Friday for more fun.

Linda M, writer/creative director.' Auckland 2016

*We are really grateful that we are being treated by Leanne. I initially started seeing her for a health condition I used to get almost every month and after taking Leanne’s advice and herbs, its gone away. I haven’t had the problem for a long time now. Leanne has helped us a lot with our son too. Our son gets chronic constipation; he has had it since he was 5 months old. We tried different remedies (allopathy, other naturopaths and Ayurveda) but nothing worked but when we saw Leanne, her medication worked very well.
In 2014, our son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It is a fatal condition and the only drug available to slow down the progression leads to heaps of side effects, one of them being low immunity. Leanne has made herbal remedies to help with his immunity and for managing his muscle aches and pains. It has worked wonders for him and we are thankful for that.
I always recommend Leanne to my friends/family and would continue to do so.
Yasha Auckland 2016

*Leanne helped me so much over the last year and a half. If it wasn't for her I would still be searching the internet.

Alicia Heath Auckland 2016

*I went to see Leanne regarding my hayfever allergies, allergy to my cat and other animals and my wheat/grain allergies. Leanne did several Accunet sessions and I have found my allergies diminishing greatly. My hayfever is almost gone, my allergic reaction to my cat is greatly reduced and my intolerance to wheat/grains is also greatly reduced! I HIGHLY recommend Leanne and Accunaet, try it, your life could be changed! Thank you. 
Lynne, Auckland, 2015

*Cupping: I have been receiving silicon cupping massage from Leanne. I have experienced many forms of bodywork but in terms of fascial treatment, I believe this to be the most effective. 
Ross, Auckland 2015

*Accunaet: I had two allergy desensitising technique sessions with Leanne just as hay fever season was beginning. I was doubtful that such a simple procedure would do anything, yet for the first time in many years, I had no hay fever symptoms over the season, for which I am profoundly grateful. 
Ross, Auckland 2015

*Leanne was a guest in our B&B in August 2015, at which time my horse Poppy had been suffering with an abscess in her hoof for a couple of weeks and was still in much pain.  She had pain relief from the vet and a poultice on her hoof in an attempt to drain the abscess.  Nothing appeared to be helping her until Leanne asked if she could try her ‘treatment’ on her.  She treated her one evening and the following morning Poppy appeared to be much the same, however by the evening there was a marked improvement.  Leanne gave her another of her ‘treatments’ that evening and Poppy did not look back after that.  Leanne also suggested the use of castor oil in her medical boot which helped to soften the hoof and the abscess to drain.  It is just magical to watch Leanne work with animals and such a relief to have a beloved animal pain free again.

Christine Warde 2016

We started seeing Leanne Farnsworth in January 2008, after our then 2 ¾ year old had a serious bout of pneumonia. Our son's immune system had been seriously affected causing him to have numerous chest infections. After our consultation with Leanne and her prescription of herbal remedies, our son has not had a chest infection since. We have found a vast improvement in his health and well-being, so much so we will be taking his younger brother to see Leanne before his immune system is compromised. We would have no hesitation in recommending Leanne to anybody. 
Maree, Auckland

I would have no hesitation referring friends and family to Leanne. Leanne is very professional and makes you feel comfortable talking about any issues you have. I feel 100% better after seeing her. Thanks so much Leanne. 
Tania, Auckland

I am very grateful to have found Leanne. This is my first pregnancy and Leanne has helped me where medicine could not. Not being allowed to take anything medicinally was difficult and she helped me control any ailments safely. She offered sensible advice and recommended other forms of natural therapy that may be of help. I felt completely comfortable with Leanne's advice and her treatment has helped my ongoing digestive issues. My pregnancy has stayed trouble free and healthy and I do not think I could have done this without her help and knowledge. I am looking forward to Leanne being able to help me further in the future and what impressed me was her non judgmental view on my weight issues. Thank you Leanne. 
Nicki, Auckland

I would like to thank you for my Reiki Sessions. Since I have been attending, within 2 months my movement is now so much improved I feel like I am walking normally, and my pain levels have greatly reduced to where I can manage most of the time with out any pain medication. Reiki has definitely improve my life. Many thanks
Janice, Auckland