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Iridology is a method of assessing the body's state of health. Like Reflexology the iris is divided into segments like a clock and each segment relates to a particular organ or system. An iris torch is used to identify various shapes and colors in the iris which indicate the condition of organs and systems. Studying these markings in the iris and noting the changes in them forms the basis of an iris assessment.

Like many diagnostic methods used in naturopathy, iridology is not new, it dates back to Egypt in 4000BC, also in Palestine and was rediscovered in the 20th century in Germany and North America. 

Dr Bernard Jensen who spent his life studying and applying iridology states 'In the study of iridology we are dealing with a structure (eye) which is an extension of the brain... All we do is recorded in the mind and the mind records every disease, habit etc. These are directly reflected through the nervous system to the iris of the eye'. 

Dorothy Hall who applied and studied iridology in practice for over 40 years says 'In my own practice as a naturopath and herbalist I listen to symptoms and case histories and make a general assessment of the patient.

The eyes then provide me with the fine-tuning analysis of biochemistry and of emotional and circumstantial factors hard to determine by any other method. Illnesses past and present can still be visible, recorded in the iris; and other measures can be taken to prevent recurrence'. 

Iridology is a valuable diagnostic tool to help identify the cause of health conditions, however it is best used in conjunction with a consultation. Iridology alone will not indicate which specific herbal remedy and treatment plan are needed unless all the facts have been obtained and more about the person is known. 

Iridology applied in a consultation can help identify past, present and potential causes of health conditions. This enables an effective treatment plan to be tailored for each person, whilst identifying potential problems can save you future discomfort.

Iridology is a safe, non-invasive diagnostic tool that is used in each naturopathic consultation.