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A Little About Me

I am often asked how I got into this line of work. There is no one specific answer, however I was born and raised in a country (FIJI) where the locals applied their traditional medicine and used to observe my grandmother pick certain plants from the bush to use for various health conditions. I grew up with a variety of nationalities and cuisine. Home was free from the strong influence of chemicals such as pesticides, therefore our food chain was mostly naturally organic. We picked fruit from an abundance of trees and ate freshly caught seafood. I am sure all of this influenced my tendency towards all things natural but I did not discover natural therapies as a vocation until my late 20's. 

I obtained my orange belt in Jiu Jitsu when at University which was interrupted when I left to enjoy my O.E. I studied yoga in 1994 (and continue to practice it) under the tutelage of an Indian man who was then in his 80's and had worked with Gandhi for a few years - major double tick! I am passionate about nature, animals the outdoors, boating, reading inspirational autobiographies, innovation, mind/body health & all things spiritual. 

I enjoy the detective work that is involved in my work and reading about new innovations in the health and science field and how I can integrate that in my practice. I am fascinated with neuroscience, quantum science and energy medicine which is slowly becoming accepted in (some) mainstream circles through research results.

I have a Bachelor of Health Science in Natural Medicine which covers the spectrum of Mind/Body Health. I specialise in using natural & wholistic  treatments -  a safer and gentler approach to treating health conditions for all ages. I have over 13 years in practice, a wealth of life experience and have developed a referral network of practitioners I call on when ancillary treatment for a patient is necessary. After all it is all about you and whatever you need in order to get better!

I enjoy working with children & teens to prevent potential  health problems from developing later in life or to prevent current symptoms from progressing further. It is interesting to note that frequently a patient's current health symptoms can be traced to childhood or early teens when physical or emotional trauma where not completely and effectively treated and/or nutritional requirements where not met. To find out more please refer to the my approach page.



Bachelor Health Science Natural Medicine (Victoria University 2005, distinction) 
Advanced Diploma Classical Herbal Medicine (Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine, 2002. merit) 
Diploma Naturopathy & Diploma Herbal Medicine (Wellpark College, 2000) 
Diploma Remedial Massage (1994) 
Reiki 1 & 2
EFT 1 (Emotional Freedom Technique) 
Certificate Homotoxicology
iLs Practitioner Training (integrated listening therapy-Brain Integration through music, movement & language) & Safe & Sound Protocol
Accunect Connect & Zoom
Modern Cupping Therapy