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Photo by utah778/iStock / Getty Images

What To Expect


Step 1

1-An in depth consultation first and foremost, during which you may be asked to fill out a questionnaire or 2 . All  consultations include iridology.  There is an additional range of diagnostic tools and tests that are optional and recommended on an individual basis.  At the end of the consultation we discuss my findings and summation. I formulate a treatment plan based on this, dispense a herbal remedy and recommend other remedies and supplements. Your way forward will have homework for you to do such as dietary tweaks, perhaps a referral for ancillary treatment such as bodywork and reading references.  Efficiency and effectiveness is the aim and I try to make it as easy as possible for you. However healing is a 2 way thing. I can show you the way but you must actually do it.


Step 2

2- After 4-6 weeks we have a follow up consultation to see how you are progressing and how the remedies are working for you, based on this I refine the next 6 weeks of treatment. The process is the same as above for all consultations. Sometimes a key piece of information will come at the second and even third consultation.


Step 3

3-How many visits? Usually 3 visits over a 12 week period. For some it may take longer depending on what is involved. By this time you are comfortable with the adjustments we have put in place and after 12 weeks you can follow your own course.


Brain Therapy

Safe & Sound Protocol sessions are 5 x 1 hour consecutive sessions only.