Identifying what is contributing to your health condition is the first step. The second is having an arsenal of effective therapies to correct and make adjustments.

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— Hope K.
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Is a system of wholistic health care that integrates scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.It employs a diversity of therapies to improve the health of an individual and community. .



Iridology is included as a diagnostic tool in each consultation. It is a method of assessing the body's state of health and provides fine-tuning analysis of biochemistry & of emotional & circumstantial factors hard to determine by any other method. 

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Allergy Treatment

Accunaet is a system that desensitises your reaction to a substance by using Bioenergetic Medicine, which is comprised of various healing techniques such as Acupuncture Theory and EFT/Tapping.

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Photo by ismagilov/iStock / Getty Images

Brain Integration

Safe & Sound Protocol regulates the nervous system through the auditory system, which calms the neurological & emotional state. This in turn reduces the effects of stress such as insomnia & anxiety and improves social and emotional difficulties.

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Photo by ipopba/iStock / Getty Images

Bioenergetic Therapies  

Comprises of various healing techniques such as, Accunect, EFT/Tapping & Reiki. Bioenergetic Techniques are recommended by successful, well known practitioners such as Dr Mercola & Dr Christiane Northrup because they are a highly effective, revolutionary form of healthcare.



Modern Cupping

Cupping massage uses a variety of sliding and stationary silicon cups for back pain, scar tissue, tight muscles & occupational overuse symptoms, thereby reducing pain. It is effective at reducing water retention and for general detoxification & is popular among professional athletes. 

We began seeing Leanne after our then 2 3/4 year old had a serious bout of pneumonia. Our son’s immune system had been seriously affected causing him to have numerous chest infections. After our consultation with Leanne and her prescription of herbal remedies, our son has not had a chest infection since. We have found a vast improvement in his health and well-being, so much so we will be taking his younger brother to see Leanne before his is immune system is compromised.
— Maree. Auckland.