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Homo (human) - toxico (toxin) - logy (study) is the study of the influence of toxic substances on humans. It is a system of medicine that has been well researched and documented in Europe since the 1930's and has been integrated into medical practices worldwide. Homotoxicology believes that 'all disease is a response to a toxin, that symptoms are a reflection of adapting or responding to this toxin and that disease follows a specific, predictable pattern through the body if it cannot rid itself of toxins. 

Restoration of health therefore is through regulation rather than suppression. For example eczema is usually treated with hydrocortisone which suppresses the symptoms. Any disease that is suppressed tends to become chronic and moves to deeper lying organs or tissues'. Like peeling the layers of an onion Homotoxicology reverses this process of disease, following Herrings law of cure which states recovery of health will go from the inside out, from vital to less vital organs, from the torso to the extremities'. 

Detoxification is a primary goal in homotoxicology therapy and environmental toxins are increasingly proven to be at the core of serious health issues, even before conception has taken place. 

'Fewer babies are being born and more couples are resorting to fertility treatment. As this reduction in fertility has taken place within two generations, inherited genetic causes are unlikely as these evolve over many thousands of years. The chromosomal changes that are being seen today closely follow the pattern of the introduction of chemical products into the environment. Worldwide, over 400 million tons of synthetic chemicals are produced annually... investigation found over 500 potentially dangerous man made chemicals in fat samples from a seemingly healthy 30 year old female living in Britain today, whereas one taken from an Egyptian mummy was found to contain has been estimated that each of us could consume around four and a half pounds of pesticides and herbicides and nine pounds of artificial additives every year... 

...over the past 50 years, women have been subjected to a dramatic rise in health problems never seen before in history. In the U.S., endometriosis afflicts upwards of 10% of women in childbearing age, up to 30% suffer from premenstrual syndrome and at least 30% have uterine fibroids. Breast cancer now affects around one in ten women. Scientific evidence is mounting that exposure to harmful chemicals may be a common factor in all these conditions. In IVF too, the detection of environmental toxins in the follicular fluid surrounding the egg has been associated with fertilization failure,' Dr Alan Beer. 

'Nearly all xenobiotics are petrochemically based...producing an epidemic of reproductive abnormalities, steadily increasing numbers of cancers of the reproductive tract, infertility, low sperm counts and the feminization of males... I believe xenoestrogens are affecting our children in profound ways' Dr John Lee

Homotoxicology remedies are specifically formulated homeopathic medicines. These remedies may be used alone or in conjunction with herbal medicine.