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Inbalance is a natural health clinic in Auckland specialising in general naturopathic practice for all ages. We treat a range of health conditions using a natural and wholistic approach. Inbalance was established to help those seeking a natural way to improve their health and to provide information on how to maintain good health. We believe an adult or child free from anxiety and discomfort is empowered and motivated to live a positive and fulfilled life. This in turn uplifts those around them.

We have successfully treated many cases where people have been informed there is nothing wrong, or nothing more could be done for them. These people are at their wits end and yet intent on finding a way to make a positive change in their health.

Our approach is to use practical, lateral thinking to identify the causes for your health condition. Mostly, it just takes time to listen. Gathering a lot of information from you, which has usually not been done before, and combining this with information garnered from naturopathic diagnostic tools, to identify how we can help you to make a positive difference in your health. We then provide effective, natural therapies and natural remedies to address factors causing health conditions. 

Accunaet: I had two allergy desensitising technique sessions with Leanne just as hay fever season was beginning. I was doubtful that such a simple procedure would do anything, yet for the first time in many years, I had no hay fever symptoms over the season, for which I am profoundly grateful.
— Ross Auckland 2015


We listen. We assess. We treat.

By the time many patients find our clinic, they are often at their wits' end, having tried numerous ways to address diagnoses and various health symptoms and conditions. What makes the approach at Inbalance different, is that instead of looking at your symptoms on a superficial level, we look for the underlying causes and are then able to address these to ensure an improvement in your health.

STEP 1: Listen & Assess

We listen to you and ASSESS The Underlying Causes Of Your Health Condition.

The first stage is for you or your child to come to Inbalance Natural Health Clinic for a consultation, which involves an in-depth discussion of symptoms, health history, lifestyle, and beyond, to pinpoint the source of ailments. Naturopathic diagnostic tools and assessment such as iridology, biofeedback and questionnaires, are included in your health assessment. Other tests such as hair tissue mineral analysis are included when indicated.

STEP 2: Identify

We IDENTIFY The Best Solution For Your Health Condition.

The naturopathic diagnostic measures, assessments, tools and techniques used, provides us the necessary information to formulate a treatment plan and assist in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions. At the end of the initial consultation we share our findings and explain which remedies, supplements, diet and therapies will be most effective for you and formulate a treatment plan specifically designed to make a positive change.

STEP 3: Treat

We TREAT Your Underlying Causes.

Once we have identified the underlying causes of your health condition, we can begin the journey to help you rediscover good health and wellbeing through the application of a range of natural therapies offered at our clinic. 

From there, the path towards natural healing is a collaboration in the truest sense!  


  • Inbalance offers natural remedies and therapies for children and adults.
  •  Inbalance specialises in general naturopathic practice, with experience in treating ailments ranging from hay fever/allergies, hormone issues, adrenal fatigue, headaches, weight loss, PMS, immunity imbalance, digestion issues, muscular pain and everything in between.
  • Our expertise is to apply practical and lateral thinking processes, offering a different perspective and treatment. In order to do this we take time to listen to you and address your concerns. We connect the dots and put the pieces of the puzzle together. We understand you are a unique individual with concerns that you want addressed to help you find peace of mind.
  • In addition, as of 2017, Inbalance will offer iLs therapy. The brain and body do not function independently and integrating the two is most effective.



Healing is a two-way street. For so long, so many of us have fallen into the pattern of expecting a pill from the doctor to make us feel better. Each body is unique and responds to its environment in a different way, meaning there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan for everyone. Whether you are interested to take the natural approach or if you are frustrated with persistent symptoms despite normal medical test results, Inbalance offers natural options integrated with innovative scientific research to help the mind, brain and body rediscover wellness.

 There are different ways to gain health and wellbeing for each of us and each health practitioner has developed their system of treatment. Your treatment plan is designed to integrate into everyday life as easily as possible. With over 15 years’ experience helping hundreds of patients to make a better difference in their health and life, you are in good hands.


Inbalance Natural Health Clinic was established to help you make a positive difference in your health, to inform and to empower.  Located in Royal Oak, Auckland, Inbalance is thrilled to bring comprehensive homeopathic and natural treatments to individuals of all ages.

Naturopathy emphasises prevention, treatment and the promotion of optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods & modalities which encourage the self healing processes. The philosophical approaches of naturopathy include prevention of disease, encouragement of the body’s inherent healing abilities, natural treatment of the whole person, personal responsibility for one’s health, and education of patients in health-promoting lifestyles. Naturopathy blends centuries-old knowledge of natural therapies with current advances in the understanding of health and human systems. Naturopathy therefore can be described as the general practice of natural therapies.