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Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopath, immunologist and bacteriologist, developed 38 flower essences in the 1930's. He believed a healthy mind, is the key to recovery from ill health. Bach flower essences are effective at invoking a subtle change or balance of attitudes and emotions. The flower essences help us to cope and react to situations in a manner less detrimental to our health. For example, Rescue Remedy is a well-known Bach flower formula that is used for traumatic situations or experiences. 

Emotions play a large and important role in our mental and physical health. The majority of patients symptoms may be a direct result from emotions or negative thoughts that they are experiencing such as; anger, resentment, fear, lack of confidence, low self image etc. Research has identified the mind/body connection, which the medical profession has termed psychoneuroimmunology. Lynne McTaggart and Dr Bernie Siegel are two of many health practitioners who give a fascinating insight on how it works. Time may shed more light, but the fact remains, what you think and how you feel have tangible effects. 

I recall when I first realised how effective these remedies are. Dorothy Hall who was my teacher and mentor regaled a story about a patient who was not getting relief from her migraines despite being on  the appropriate remedies. It was not until Dorothy added a particular Bach Flower for this lady that her migraines disappeared. It also reinforces treating the individual rather than giving a list of remedies for a particular ailment.

Like herbs and nutritional supplements, flower essences are chosen according to what each person needs and to what mental/emotional/physical or lifestyle factors are affecting their health. For example, skin conditions may be caused from an unhealthy diet, lack of certain nutrients, inefficient bowels, congested lymph, an infection or hormones. However, many skin conditions have an emotional or mental cause (attitude) and this is where the Bach flower essences can be of enormous help. 

Bach flower essences work well in combination with other remedies such as herbs and nutritional supplements. They are a safe, simple and very effective form of treatment to restore mental, physical and emotional balance.