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Fertility & Miscarriage

Fertility & Miscarriage 

Improve your chances of conception and a normal pregnancy

 'Many women experiencing infertility or miscarriages have antibodies to phospholipids serine and ethanolamine and as a result, they have immunities that prevent implantation or cause miscarriages. 'I have found in 100 infertile women with minimal endometriosis that 60% had autoimmune abnormalities that were predictive of subsequent IVF failure. The literature clearly speaks about the association between endometriosis and implantation failure. I therefore feel strongly that women with endometriosis and infertility need an immune work-up prior to embarking on IVF', Dr Alan Beer. 

When it comes to falling pregnant there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Some women not wanting children fall pregnant easily, others who dearly want children spend years a lot of money and try different therapies to conceive. Some women are told they cannot have children and yet they fall pregnant anyway. Many couples abstain from alcohol, tea, drugs and all things nice whilst others eat and drink anything and have no trouble getting pregnant. It does not seem fair, however in recent years advances in specialized testing, research and experience has increased the success rates for conception and for a normal pregnancy. 

Professor Robert Winston and Dr Beer emphasise the importance of having an exhaustive range of tests done preferably before going ahead with IVF. Professor Robert Winston says 'too many people are advised to try IVF before first having a thorough investigation of the cause of their many cases there are various treatments that are more appropriate, less expensive and demanding and more likely to succeed. even where IVF is advisable, the likelihood of its succeeding may depend on having a prior treatment on preparation for an IVF cycle'. 

Whilst there are variable causes for infertility and miscarriage which are symptoms not diseases, an area of focus that has identified physical causes for infertility and miscarriage is the relationship between the immune system and reproductive health. Dr Alan Beer spent 25 years investigating the cause for infertility and miscarriage and found a connection between immune dysfunction and reproductive health and he has had great success. 

'For over 25 years, I have pursued the goal of finding explanations for previously unexplained infertility, IVF failure and recurrent pregnancy loss. No, these situations are not 'just bad luck' or 'God's will.' There are five categories of immune problem that cause reproductive failure, and with appropriate treatment they can be overcome. Over 7,000 couples have sought my help and have achieved a success rate of more than 85% within three cycles.' Dr Alan Beer

Dr John Lee is a pioneer in the area of women's health which has influenced the way many health professionals practice medicine. He writes that in his experience the dominance of estrogen in women in predominantly industrialised countries is to blame for the many areas of women's health conditions such as PMS, infertility, miscarriage, early menopause and menarche, fibroids, cancer, osteoporosis and endometriosis. He developed a cream to counteract estrogen dominance and had great success with his female patients. 

Where to from here?

 Whilst it is important to have the availability of medical technology, I believe it is vital to take a lateral and wholistic approach. For example, Julia Indichova has written on her struggle to fall pregnant despite the odds she was up against and today helps other couples in the same predicament. A major part of her therapy is the mind/body interaction. 

Detoxification is an important initial step because environmental toxins are being increasingly proven to be at the core of serious health issues, even before conception has taken place. In a study published by the Environmental Working Group, cord blood from ten newborns babies were examined and 287 chemicals were detected. All of these chemicals are carcinogenic which means they have the potential to cause cancer, as well as developmental problems and more. 

It is easy to lose patience and faith particularly if your journey thus far has not given you the child you so dearly ache for, but there is hope and much inspiration to help you decide to continue on your quest to have a healthy baby. 

'Many Doctors are resistant to the possibilities that reproductive immunology can offer, even though they can suggest no clinically proven alternatives of their own.implantation failure and miscarriage that is caused by immune problems is largely preventative and this message needs to be conveyed to couples who are losing their babies or are unable to conceive', Dr Alan Beer. 

So what should you do if you have been struggling with fertility, IVF treatment failures or miscarriages? Integrative assessment (natural therapies/orthodox) and treatment provide you with the best options, above all let your intuition guide you and keep an open mind. 

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