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Allergy & Hay Fever Desensitising

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Many years ago a colleague said she was having amazing results with a technique called NAET, in particular for hayfever sufferers. I investigated the system and not long later did an amazing course -Accunect. As I believe in efficiency, simplicity, effectiveness and innovation, I wondered what would happen if I combined the two techniques. I did this and spent a year and a half applying it to friends and willing patients. At the end of this research the conclusion was-it WORKS! Hence the term Accunaet.

The current innovative medical treatment for allergies is sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) and is commonly used in Europe to treat respiratory and skin allergies. SLIT treats the cause of allergies by giving small doses of what a person is allergic to, which increases tolerance to the allergen and reduces the allergic symptoms. Accunaet has the same effect but it is does not involve taking drops over an extended period of time so is therefore quicker as well as being highly effective.


Accunaet is a system for identifying and balancing the mind/body response to an allergen. Accunect techniques along with the vials used in NAET and Allergy Antidotes are used to desensitise one's reaction to an allergen/substance.

Some people know definitely what they are reactive to so they can commence with an Accunaet session without necessitating a naturopathic consultation. Others may have a multitude of substances they are reactive to and may know only of 2 or 3 substances with certainty. In these instances it is recommended to begin with a naturopathic consultation first to identify other factors that may be involved. In many instances an immune overreaction to a substance will dissipate when other factors are addressed.

How it works

Accunaet treatment can be given in 15 minutes to half hour sessions. A session consists of a person holding a homeopathic vial of a particular allergen whilst stimulating specific acupuncture points. The number of sessions required will differ with each person but generally at least 3 x 15 minute sessions are necessary.

This treatment bio energetically balances and reprograms the mind/body to react appropriately to the substances identified. Accunaet is a quick, painless and interesting therapy. Similar systems are NAET, Advanced Allergy Elimination, Bodytalk/Kinesiology, Allergy Antidotes. However Accunaet is less complex and a lot quicker to apply.


Allergy symptoms are the result of an inappropriate immune response producing physiological and/or psychological symptoms in varying degrees. These symptoms may also increase in frequency or severity following trauma and/or stress.

Hereditary factors Pollen Toxins Grasses Weak immune system

Animal dander/fur Biochemical imbalance Dust Nutritional deficiencies

Mold/fungi Trauma Food Stress Drugs Emotions Diet

Infectants-virus/bacteria/fungus Fabrics Infections Chemicals

People react differently with the treatment, some patients experience a worsening of their allergy symptoms for 24 hours and then disappear. Others who are reactive to several allergens and/or may be on medication, may have this reaction over a few days to a week before their allergy symptoms go. Homeopathic remedies can be given over this time frame to aid in the desensitisation process. I have remained in touch with the majority of people I have treated. Two clients needed a follow up treatment the following spring, one lady's experiences mild symptoms when under emotional stress, all others have not had a return of their hay fever symptoms.

I recommend Accunaet as a natural, safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for hay fever and allergies.

I had two allergy desensitising technique sessions with Leanne just as hay fever season was begining. I was doubtful that such a simple procedure would do anything, yet for the first time in many years, I had no hay fever symptoms over the season, for which I am profoundly grateful.
— Ross. Auckland