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Helping people transform their health since 2003. 

Founder of Inbalance Leanne Farnsworth, specialises in assisting people improve their health. Many of her clients come to her in despair, they have had numerous tests but no diagnosis has been given, or they have been given treatment for a diagnosis and yet their symptoms either fail to improve or return after a time.

Pain, discomfort and fear of the unknown are energy sapping and has a flow on effect, impacting on all aspects of their lives and on their friends & family. After a while the belief turns into a feeling of lack of control and hopelessness-in severe cases mostly. However returning to good health is not complicated, but it does require co-operation on your part. After an initial consultation, Leanne will provide you with a template you can follow to do just this. Armed with your treatment plan and remedies, improvements will happen. How long will this take? This will be different for each person and factors involved such as, how long you have been unwell, what medication you are taking, if there is a strong genetic influence involved.

Leanne believes in efficiency and effectiveness, and is always on the look out to include therapies that help the healing process more effective, painless, affordable and quicker. From 2018 she will be including SSP & iLs. Popping pills, taking remedies and changing your diet can make a dramatic turn in your health, however effective and long term healing in many cases requires more intervention. SSP & iLS offers health solutions that go beyond oral medication. They work on the brain, nervous system and emotions, which then makes a positive change not only in mind/body health but also in emotions and social behavior. 



My Approach

There are different ways  to gain health and wellbeing for each of us and each health practitioner has developed their system of treatment. My intention is to help you get in balance so that you can then maintain your health yourself. Your treatment plan is designed to integrate into everyday life as easily as possible. 

I went to see Leanne regarding my hay fever allergies, allergy to my cat and other animals, and my wheat/grain allergies. Leanne did several Accunaet sessions and I have found my allergies diminishing greatly. My hay fever is almost gone, my allergic reaction to my cat is greatly reduced and my intolerance to wheat/grains is also greatly reduced! I HIGHLY recommend Leanne and Accunaet, try it, your life could change! Thank you.
— Lynne. Auckland

Some of the conditions Inbalance can help with





Back Pain





Digestive disorders










Hormone Imbalance

Learning disorders

Muscular pain


Respiratory Conditions

Skin Conditions

Stress related symptoms




Bachelor Health Science Natural Medicine (Victoria University 2005, distinction) 
Advanced Diploma Classical Herbal Medicine (Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine, 2002. merit) 
Diploma Naturopathy & Diploma Herbal Medicine (Wellpark College, 2000) 
Diploma Remedial Massage (1994) 
Reiki 1 & 2
EFT 1 (Emotional Freedom Technique) 
Certificate Homotoxicology
iLs Practitioner Training (integrated listening therapy-Brain Integration through music, movement & language)
Accunect Connect & Zoom
Modern Cupping Therapy

Safe & Sound Protocol