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Assessing the alignment of the Mind / Body / Emotions and identifying how an imbalance of this connection may be affecting your health.
Natural Therapies for optimal health and vitality for all ages.
Helping you realise your health potential.

Welcome to Inbalance Naturopathy & Body Therapy Clinic

Albany North Shore and Royal Oak

At Inbalance Naturopathy & Body Therapy Clinic the approach to facilitate a state of well-being for each person is very much a wholistic approach. This involves understanding how your mental, emotional and physical aspects in conjunction with your environment, genetics and lifestyle may be affecting YOU. The intention is to assess and treat the 'whole' person so that balance is achieved and maintained.

Time and care is taken to identify what is contributing to your health condition and what treatment and remedies best suit you. I believe there is no generic therapy or generic medicine for all but that each person is unique and special in their own right. Therefore remedies and treatment plans are tailored specifically to each person.

Are you ready to make a change?

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